How WAFL™ India started

How WAFL™ India started

Almost half a year passed from the moment when WAFL™ felt in love with India. Almost a week passed from the moment WAFL™ came to India. Months of hard work — careful analysis, close research, deep customization and here we are! Now looking at our first happy guests’ smiles, getting their enthusiastic reviews, we know for sure - it was well worth the wait. The result exceeded all the expectations!

Once Russian WAFL™ team discovered India it became quite obvious — WAFL™ must be there.

An amazing country with magical culture captivated the whole team! And the more we found out about the charming place the more challenging our task became. WAFL™ had already explored Asian Mongolia and European Czech Republic, sunny California and frosty Siberia and we definitely knew that each place of the globe needs a separate approach. We’ve created lots of ideas for WAFL™ café perfectly suiting each country of the presence. But none of them was good enough for India! So, the customization began.

Unique sweet and savoury treats on WAFL™ dough and soft serve in a corn J-Tube had to stay themselves but meet the Indian flavour. Who knows Indian soul but Indian! With our highly-regarded Indian partners we’ve made a great job constructing supply chain, searching for the best ingredients, looking for the ultimate recipes. Ongoing experiments around the clock — dozens of mixtures, kilos of ingredients combined into waffles, pies, sandwiches, throwed away — and all over again! Until we found the perfect recipes worth of having the name WAFL™ India. The experiments won’t ever stop, and we’ll always search for new options. And from this moment it’s you, our dear guest, who will inspire us to ideas!

Now we feel at home in this amazing place once we’ve felt in love with.

We became so close and opening our first café we were happy to meet friends! Looking back to the whole work done from the first dream to be here till the day it became true we want to thank you, beautiful country! Thank you for your warm welcome! We did our best to create the most delicious treats for you. Now we are ready to meet you, dear friend, and serve you with your worldwide famous joy here in WAFL™ India!

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