More WAFL for Gujarat!

More WAFL for Gujarat!

The grand opening of the 3rd in Gujarat WAFL Cafe took place on 10 August.

Everyone took a portion of happiness from WAFL menu.

Each guest has tasted delicious savoury waffles and for sure enjoyed famous cooked with love WAFL sweets - espesially our bestsellers Belgian and Hong Kong WAFL waffles with Chocolate Nutella.

wafl guests

New WAFL Cafe atmosphere and all staff are permeated with a mood of love, joy and gratitude to every coming guest.

wafl sweets

And you too are welcome to the new WAFL Cafe! See you at A-8, Shilp Aaron, Opp. Armeida, Near Pakwan Cross Road, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahemdabad — 380007. Check WAFL map to find the way.

wafl waffle

wafl team

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