WAFL™ GK1 — Third Opening in Delhi

WAFL™ GK1 — Third Opening in Delhi

As the January passed by, we have the results to sum up. Step by step, one by one already the 3rd WAFL™ café was opened in Delhi in the beginning of 2018.

New WAFL™ café celebrated the Opening occasion on January 31st, C-193 Exit of M Block Market, GK1 opposite Mutton Mahal. WAFL™ food cached Delhi fancy. WAFL™ GK1 first guests highly appreciated a healthier option for savoury meal such as WAFL™ Corndog — veg or non-veg sausage in freshly made WAFL™ dough. New WAFL™ lovers — active and modern people, family people turned out to be caring and open-minded. They live on the run, watch trends and know their worth! And they found savoury WAFL™ offer perfect for contemporary life, healthy and tasty enough to be fit, active and cheerful. And talking about cheer we need to mention the sweet WAFL™ treats for sure. Most of all our guests enjoyed chocolate Hong Kong and Belgian WAFL™. Chocolate is never enough! And that was great to treat dear guests with the sweet delights, discover their tastes and tempers, make friends and have a good laugh while celebrating.

That’s what we’ve designed WAFL™ for! WAFL™ came to make guests feel high. As our acquaintance went joyful it seems we’ve managed to turn the idea into reality. So, inspired by Delhi welcome we’re going to other states! Follow us to know the next meeting place.

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