WAFL™ opening in Surat

WAFL™ opening in Surat

WAFL™ continues exploring new horizons!

The first WAFL™ café in Gujarat opened the doors on February 17th in Surat. WAFL™ Surat extra feature is full veg menu. The whole range of WAFL™ food is designed to suit the veg foodies needs. To have a tasty & healthy meal or to treat yourself with a joyful dessert — WAFL™ Surat offers a great deal of choice. Our first guests have already checked it out!

With great pleasure we’ve got acquainted to Surat foodies. We served new WAFL™ friends with savoury WAFL™ Pies, WAFL™ Corndogs & WAFL™ Sandwiches, treated them with Hong Kong and Belgian WAFL™, surprised them with Soft Serve in J-Tube and had a great pleasure to get a great feedback!

Wide response here got a WAFL™ Pie. Unusual salt WAFL™ dough Pie with the most mouthwatering pizza fillings amused our guests and were sold out like hot cakes. Another bestseller of the Event was a WAFL™ Sandwich. Surat foodies highly appreciated a healthy alternative to well-known fast food item and enjoyed Sandwiches on WAFL™ dough heartily. To make the joy full WAFL™ lovers finished the festive dinner with chocolate overloaded WAFL™ treats, and the party was a gasser!

So, the WAFL™ launch in Gujarat was successful! Let us invite you to the first WAFL™ café in Surat:

GF-43, Avalon The Business Hub, Patidar Samaj Hall RD, Katargam, Surat. Instagram, Facebook

And we continue WAFL™ India expansion — follow the news. Instagram, Facebook