WAFL™ Punjabi Bagh Great opening

WAFL™ Punjabi Bagh Great opening

The new WAFL™ Event was not long in coming. So, on January 25th we’ve celebrated the WAFL™ Punjabi Bagh Grand Opening!

WAFL™ lovers were already on the call and came to share the moment readily! The queue never stopped. J-Tube fans movement keep growing. Another headliner of the Day — WAFL™ Corndog was recognized a definite must try. Sure enough lots of chocolate delights as Hong Kong WAFL™ and Belgian WAFL™ made the event sweet and joyful. It was a Great Day for foodies!

Let us thank you friends for your kind involvement! Each Opening Event evokes wide response and our pleasure to serve all those wishing to get their WAFL™ joy.

We get lots of questions on our further locations and dates. Foodies from all over the India are waiting for WAFL™ Café appearance! We are eagerly anticipating to meet all of them. So, we’re coming.

WAFL™ is already waiting for you in WAFL™ Punjabi Bagh (Instagram, Facebook, Zomato) and WAFL™ SDA (Instagram, Facebook, Zomato)

And here are the clues to the next steps WAFL™ GK1 and WAFL™ Bangalore

Watch us and you’ll be the first to know! See you.