WAFL™ Residency Road – new WAFL™ twist

WAFL™ Residency Road – new WAFL™ twist

This weekend the first WAFL™ café in Bangalore celebrated the Opening Event. So, we’ve exceeded the bounds and the WAFL™ India expansion campaign took a new twist.

WAFL™ Residency Road in Bangalore have opened the doors for foodies on G1 Smart Avenue, No.28 Residency Road. The cozy café offers the whole variety of WAFL™ treats. Dear guest can have a meal with savoury WAFL™ Corndog, WAFL™ Sandwich or WAFL™ Pie. Savoury WAFL™ menu combines the most mouthwatering recipes of pizza, sandwich and corndog fillings in veg or non-veg options with a tender WAFL™ dough. This way beloved fast food items become much more health-friendly, fresh and tasty! For a dessert Bangalore foodie can choose a mix of sweeties to his taste wrapped in Hong Kong bubble WAFL™ or served with classic Belgian WAFL™. So joyful! Moreover, we have a thing to surprise even an experienced foodie — soft serve in a unique corn J-Tube! New and fun way of eating soft, must try for sure. Add a variety of shakes to refresh yourself and you’ll get a modern café with a great deal of choice of amazing delights to fell in love with — WAFL™ Residency Road, Bangalore.

One more city is covered with WAFL™ mania! And we are going further. See you!

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