WAFL™ SDA Market Grand Opening Event

WAFL™ SDA Market Grand Opening Event

Great news! The flagship WAFL™ outlet is successfully opened in Delhi.

It’s been a long road for WAFL™ to India. And finally, we’ve met! With this Grand Opening the WAFL™ India history is just beginning. The Grand Opening Event took place on January 14th in WAFL™ SDA Market outlet. To our great joy lots of guest came to be the first to try the international WAFL™ brand food. We’ve made a lot of friends and had a great fun! WAFL™ treated guest with sweet Hong Kong and Belgian WAFL™ delights, served with savoury WAFL™ Corndogs, WAFL™ Sandwiches and WAFL™ Pies.

And the new way of eating soft serve with the corn J-Tube suited guests’ taste so perfectly that the new movement of J-Tube fans was established! This way joying a good food, dancing, taking photos and videos to share joy with the whole world we’ve celebrated this landmark event. Delhi welcome was so warm that the time rushed by and we all went home well after midnight. Triumphally! We’ve put our hearts in this dream to land India. And this day Indian foodies gave their hearts to us!

With great guests’ feedback we are pretty sure that our friendship will be long and firm.

Dozens of WAFL™ cafes are already mapped out for India in 2018. The nearest Grand openings are coming in month in Delhi and Bangalore. We will keep informing you on the WAFL™ Events. See you soon!

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