WAFL Secrets

WAFL Secrets

One of the main secrets of WAFL Сafe success is a wide and varied menu.

Do you like sweets? WAFL Maker offers chocolate topping, Nutlella, fruits, whipped cream, ice cream.  Would you like something else? No problem!

WAFL Cafe is a heaven for sweet tooth! We hide breathtaking stuffings in Hong Kong waffle or serve it on Belgian waffle.

Would you like to satisfy hunger? Don't want to wait for a long cooking? 
This is not a problem at all! 

Just in a few minutes WAFL Maker creates a pizza, a sandwich or a Corndog with savoury fillings. But it is not just a well-known pizza or sandwich. It is a real masterpiece from WAFL! Just because it made with waffle salted dough.

In addition to delicious dishes based on waffles WAFL Cafe serves shakes, coolers and always give good mood for each guest absolutely for free!