What WAFL Pie is?

What WAFL Pie is?

Let's introduce you a rescue for everyone who are hungry and in rush!

WAFL™ Pie! This new trend can turn your idea of fast food.

Different types of fillings – with meat, vegetables, cheese, veg and non-veg, spicy and non-spicy. WAFL™ uses only fresh and 100% natural ingredients!

All fillings are hidden under a delicate crispy dough. But if you just bite off a bit you will open rainbow of taste!

Easy to Make – Easy to Buy – Easy to Satisfy a Hunger!

Cooking time - just 5 min! YES, we cook it SO quickly!

It is convenient to eat WAFL™ Pie on the go. You will not lose the filling, you will not mess your clothes with flowing sauce.

Juicy, crispy WAFL™ Pie with savory fillings - that is what you need to walk and eat at the same time.

Come on and enjoy the taste of healthy fast food! Find the nearest WAFL™ Cafe on the map