Time to fall in love! Time to fall in love!

Time to fall in love!

11th Feb February 18th Feb February

From February 11th to February 18th - sweet Valentine week to take care of those you love. WAFL™ cares of you – get your WAFL™ joy at a bargain price! Have one WAFL™ item at a 10% discount to treat yourself or get two or more WAFL™ items with a 20% discount to share love to the nearest and dearest. 

Joyful Hong Kong and Belgian WAFL™ — the sweetest delight to share the brightest emotions! Tender WAFL™ Corndog, WAFL™ Sandwich and WAFL™ Pie – express care to your darlings with tasty and healthy treats. Amazing sax-like J-Tube, so unusual way to have a soft serve - surprise, have fun & make a good laugh. But be careful! WAFL™ food causes a sensation of joy! Try it once and fall in love with WAFL™!

Get your Valentine WAFL™ joy here:
WAFL™ Punjabi Bagh
WAFL™ Residency Road